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Sapling's Suggest solution recommends live chat responses across support and sales platforms, resulting in faster resolutions. Start on no-code automations with a 30-day pilot.
Respond to customers with a click.

Boost efficiency.

Sapling Suggest enables agents to respond more quickly to customer inquiries by simply clicking on the desired responses. An agent selecting the most appropriate response and guiding the conversation ensures higher customer satisfaction and resolution rates. Empower agents instead of providing brittle, decision tree-based chatbots.

Relevant responses.

To deliver the most relevant suggestions, uses machine learning for language understanding. Sapling's chat assist finds the most relevant suggestions from your team's knowledge base and tracks usage segmented by response and by agent.

Get started in under an hour.

Build or import a response bank that is shared across the team.
Agents install and start using Sapling's turnkey integration.
Sapling improves with use and gives managers usage analytics.

Use anywhere, immediately.

Whether you're an eCommerce inside sales team on Salesforce, a logistics operations team on Zendesk, or a gaming support team on Helpshift, Sapling just works. With two-click onboarding and almost no ramp time, Sapling can streamline your team's chats from the very first day of deployment.

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